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Missing Pieces: 4 Puzzling Cozy Mysteries

Cynthia Hickey

FROM THE BOOK JACKET: What could go wrong when jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts get together? How about four murders and a couple thefts? Can clues be pieced together to solve these puzzling crimes?

Tabitha's first event at her new bed and breakfast is a jigsaw puzzle mystery weekend, and the hired cook is found dead. Cee Cee is hosting a 1950s themed jigsaw puzzle party where the Elvis impersonator is murdered. Mariah hopes to sell her valuable puzzle at a jigsaw puzzle swap, but it ends up missing when a vendor is stabbed to death. Jane enters a jigsaw puzzle competition where a fellow competitor is poisoned. Can clues be pieced together to solve these puzzling crimes?

Cynthia HickeyABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cynthia Hickey grew up in a family of storytellers and moved around the country a lot as an army brat. Her desire is to write about real, but flawed characters in a wholesome way that her seven children and nine grandchildren can all be proud of. She and her husband live in Arizona where Cynthia is a full-time writer.

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